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All fire suppression systems aim to extinguish fires without using water so minimal destruction is caused.There are several types of fire suppression systems that function differently depending on the building's function.

Clean Agent

Clean Agent, or Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems, automatically release environmentally-friendly chemicals when the threat of fire is detected. These systems are most commonly used in buildings that protect valuable assets like historic buildings, data centers, libraries, computer systems, and more.

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Carbon Dioxide Systems

CO2 is a highly effective fire suppressant because of its density. However, high levels of carbon dioxide pose health risks to people so these systems are reserved for areas where there are no personnel, such as engine rooms, power stations, generator rooms, and more.

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Industrial Suppression

We provide standalone and networked alarm systems for various facility sizes. If your project involves multiple complexes or campuses, we can help develop and install an intelligent fire alarm system.

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Kitchen Suppression

We supply, install, and inspect Fire Extinguishers so you can always be prepared to manually put out a flame with minimal damage. Call us to learn more about our purchase and delivery options today!

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